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The Spiritual

As a child, I made many bows, arrows and spears. Cutting different patterns in the bark and painting colours on,  gave  me the feeling that it induced power and soul into the weapon. A pointed hazel rod was just any rod. To give it patterns and colours was to give it a purpose, and to pray for power to that purpose. It was an archaic, instinctive ritual. A magic dating back to the time, when the consciousness of mankind started to form.

Since time immemorial man has painted on the walls in caves, shaped figurines in clay, ornamented weapons, houses and them self. Today we don’t know exactly why. To me it is doors into the other reality. The spiritual reality. Where power is.

In those day’s, man travelled between the to worlds. They explored both worlds as intensive as we explore space and gene technology to day. Many of the things they saw, lives on in the knowledge of the shamans of the indigenous people the world over.

I would also like to experience that reality that was such an integrated part of daily life and the world picture. I believe that picture is more real, more truthful, and more whole, than the pictures religions and science have painted later.

What I am trying to do with my pottery, is to activate the layers in the depth of our memory, that remember our total interdependence with nature and power.

We live in a daily world with alarm clock, work, official letters, dinner, evening news and a nightcap. That is the world we have created. When I am working with the clay, I enter the world that created us.