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The Clay

The clay is the primary element. The other three, air, water and fire makes it possible to use the clay in unsuspected ways. From sacred statuettes, amulet’s and household utensils in the beginning, to technological components to day.

The clay is very patience. It can be recycled, if your abilities fail. It lets itself to your first clumsy attempts on the wheel, and in all the monstrous attempts to create something beautiful and unique. To being used as a vessel for ones dreams and hopes.

But the clay also demands patience. So many hours on the wheel, before you can decide if you want to make a vase or an ashtray. So many attempts to find the technique the clay demands, to make the thing you have in mind.

To work with clay is first of all a craft.

That was the world I discovered when I toddled into my fathers workshop. It was a good place to play (clayplay). It still is. There are all the challenges I need. The craft as foundation. The technical-scientific calculations of glaze-chemistry, and the spirituality and the aestheticism I try to give an expression through the clay.

You never cease to learn, to develop, in the workshop. Every conclusion opens new venues, and new things to learn, new possibilities.

To learn and to develop, mentally and spiritually, and in forms and lines, is for me the meaning of life. I have tried many others kinds of work, but only pottery has given so much and demanded so much.

When I start to toddle again, from old age and arthritis, it will still be the workshop that I will seek.